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Labyrinth Software

Excerpt from a sales brochure for a developer of state-of-the-art data retrieval software.

Intelligent data entry

Labyrinth’s Trademark Management System employs a carefully designed user interface. Its powerful features are driven by dynamic menus so you won’t get lost in a maze of screens. For users of any database system – particularly one containing large volumes of records – easy access to information is of primary importance. Users may choose to use the function keys, a mouse, or a combination of the two to quickly and easily get wherever they want to go. The main menu is available from anywhere within the system via a keystroke or mouse click. Screens are functionally laid out, enabling you to enter all relevant data in the trademark record without expensive customization, and you can attach unlimited documents and images to any record for viewing or report inclusion. An outstanding feature of the system’s dynamic data entry is the validation technique used within the screens. Users can query any pertinent field for a list of allowable entries by depressing a function key. When they do, a window appears showing every valid response contained in the database. The user makes a selection and returns to the original screen in a single keystroke. When a user needs access to Labyrinth’s online help feature, they needn’t leave the system – it remains fully functional. This means that users can find answers to their questions and immediately continue entering or accessing data.