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Lancaster, PA

Promotional copy from destination marketing program for Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Feel the spirit

Mama opened the door to our big oven and I could see the beautiful golden crusts of four hot loaves of bread, and next to them, my own miniature loaf in its special tin, shaped like a heart. It was done. I was wriggling impatiently as she lifted each steaming loaf carefully out. After they had cooled for perhaps ten more agonizingly long minutes, she finally tapped my little loaf out of its tin and helped me to cut a thick slice. I spread some homemade butter onto it, all by myself, along with a big spoonful of her prize-winning blackberry preserves. Heaven! I can taste it still, washed down with a large mug of fresh milk, just carried in from the barn.

For your next trip, be it a week’s vacation or a brief getaway, go somewhere you can truly feel the spirit underfoot. Visit Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It’s nearby, yet it exudes a special feeling of tradition carried on, of being quite far away from it all. As if one were pleasantly trapped in another era. Stay in hospitable comfort in one of our many friendly hotels, inns, or B&B accommodations. Treat yourself to some of the best cooking to be found anywhere, from the satisfying bounty of a down-to-earth smorgasbord to an elegant meal by the glow of a crisp autumn fire. Feel a bit surprised when you are passed by a horse and carriage, steam rising lightly in the morning coolness as the horse’s gleaming flanks draw the vehicle firmly on its way about the day’s business. Marvel at the precision of each farm, the perfection in the layout of the harvest crop. Look beyond to inviting hills and forest, alive with foliage – or sparkling with early frost or perhaps a blush of fresh snow. Explore the abundance of shopping opportunities that beckon – antique shops and farmer’s markets, local crafts and produce, superb outlet shopping. And as you snuggle into your comfortable bed, plot tomorrow’s activities. Or revel in the luxurious possibility of sleeping late.