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Majic Mountain Cycling

Introduction to a brochure for a small Vermont bicycle touring company.

There’s Majic in these mountains

Majic Mountain Cycling was born in 1980 when a few family members and friends joined me for some casual distance cycling. Over the past decade, our favorite rides have attracted a growing number of family and friends – to the point where we decided to “go public”. So, as of this moment, we invite you to venture into Vermont’s Green Mountains, the majic mountains of the Mad River Valley, and get to know the place we call home. Based in the village of Moretown, not far from the tiny state capitol of Montpelier, Majic Mountain Cycling stands for a commitment to appreciate life more fully – to see the forest (and wildlife, waterfalls, gorges, skyline, and moonlit nights) for the trees. Some of us here at Majic Mountain are the kind of “crunchy” folks who recycle everything and avoid gadgetry. Others are the very folks who invent the sort of gadgetry you can’t do without. We are a diversified lot, but we share a passion for the road slipping by beneath our two wheels. Somehow, it brings out the best in us. We would like to welcome you to our circle of friends. Whether our hills and unsurpassed foliage inspire you to use pedal power to raise funds for cancer research (see the Tour de PMC) or to simply energize your depleted battery, Majic Mountain has the right cycling experience in store for you. You will feel the difference between our tours and others, for there is majic in these mountains!