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Solutions Inc.

Excerpt from a booklet promoting a line of communications software products.

How one company’s communications software can make your network a better place to be.

Communications software from Solutions Inc. provides Microsoft Mail network managers and users with the kind of benefits to be expected from really good software. This means little things like good design, easy installation, full support, a guarantee and ease of use – and big things like improved productivity and cost efficiency. It also offers the nicest benefit of all… it makes you look good. As soon as you install them, Solutions high-performance products enhance the effectiveness of your network. Because Solutions gateway products are designed to work as transparent extensions to the familiar Microsoft Mail interface, users can immediately take advantage of their power and superior functionality.

FAXGATE is facsimile gateway software. With a BackFax supported fax modem, a phone line and Solutions BackFax software (bundled with many fax modems), FAXGATE turns your Microsoft Mail server into a fax server which can exchange faxes with five million Group III compatible fax machines worldwide.