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Analog-to-digital conversion

A (not-so-brief) wander down the path that led a middle-aged woman to fall in love with coding for the web.

MailChimp and WordPress

MailChimp + WordPress = perfect e-news

If you’re a busy person, you don’t need to be managing a mailing list in one place and sending newsletters from another. I’ve spent much time recently migrating lists from email address books and contact management programs to online emailing services, so this article is written from that perspective and after much experimenting and experience with a number of the most popular email marketing services, I’ve decided to stick with MailChimp for the time being, since they currently offer the most options for the least money (not to mention great customer service).

Apples to oranges

Installing and testing self-hosted content management systems

Comparing apples to oranges. Over the years I’ve installed and tried out countless CMS, CRM and similar applications, usually open source. In the end, I’ve usually come back to Wordpress for a whole variety of reasons, the biggest being my need for multi-linguality and client ease-of-use. I am still learning Expression Engine which I like very much but for me, the tradeoff between these two is that overall I find Wordpress easier to understand both in the backend and from a theme design standpoint.

Debugging MailChimp RSS-to-Email from WordPress Custom Feed

I spent nearly 2 solid days trying to figure out why the latest posts on one of my clients’ sites were not showing up in the “popup preview” provided by email marketing site MailChimp. I love, but this had me stumped and my eyes were beginning to cross. I had already spent countless hours learning how to create a custom RSS feed, template and query in Wordpress (future, much bigger article).

Feedly, aggregateur de flux RSS extra!

Depuis son lancement il y a moins qu’un an, je suis sérieusement amoureuse de l’application (extension Firefox) Feedly qui est un aggregateur de flux RSS sans pareille. C’est ma page d’accueil dans Firefox, ma lecture de soirée, ma façon de surveiller des centaines de sites ou blogues que je n’ai pas assez de temps à […]

How to create custom category templates

This article will show you how to create custom category templates that are automatically used when specific categories are selected from the site menu, via a conditional statement in the category.php file. While it is possible to have categories default to using a custom template named with the category number (i.e. category-12.php), this is a […]

Include external PHP files and list documents in a directory

In my search for a way to : a) easily generate a list of a large number of PDF documents in a folder on the server; b) automatically show links to each document for easy download, and of course c) display this within a WordPress Page or Post (whew!), I discovered the WP Include File […]

Annie’s Jewels

I’m working on a website for jewelry designer Annie Stenhouse. She had so much stuff to choose from that we decided to pick out a little of everything and create a busy but interesting layout to serve as a holding page while the rest of the site comes together. I think it’s pretty cool!

Voyage écossais

Je suis encore en Écosse, chez ma cousine Annie (bijoux extraordinaires!) et son mari Colin Stenhouse, au café-galerie Stenhouse, Crieff (Perthishire). J’ai monté la grande côte pour me brancher dans le resto du “chateau” Crieff Hydro, où je fait des mises à jours des sites internet après une semaine avec l’équipe de Folquébec au festival […]

Lime Survey

I’m into my second year of using open source survey software Lime Survey to manage voting for one of my client projects. If you don’t know about it, stop by and check it out. In addition to a downloadable, self-installed version for your server, they have begun to offer a hosted version and will […]

Comment spam 2.0

I’m used to getting weakly disguised comment spam, even with blockers, filters, etc. turned on, but now, even the linkfarmers and phishermen have managed to become web2. When I received this odd looking comment (that I was still pretty sure was garbage), I was first of all kind of amazed that it used a reference […]

Vizou deménage!

C’est fait; je n’ai plus de bureau à Joliette… Je suis de retour à la maison à Ste-Béatrix où j’ai tout installé dans le “grenier” de notre nouvelle maison, avec, naturellement, connexion internet par satellite (tout à Ste-Béatrix étant de “slow-speed”). Et ça marche bien! J’ai eu des moments de tristesse en partant, après 3 […]