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Your website for Little Brook Farm is sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mary Mayshark-Stavely (littlebrookfarm.com)

A new wardrobe

WOW! Your designs are all so wonderful… I feel like a girl who has a whole new wardrobe!

Marilyn Gilbert, mgam.com


I love Dana’s design – I always do – such cleanliness (and you know what they say about cleanliness).

From an unidentified staff member at a national arts funding organization about evalynparry.com, 2008.


I love your website! I have been looking at lots of websites lately… your website has a beautiful look – peaceful and full of sharing. It is an inspiration.

A friend of musician Debbie Carroll, for debbiecarroll.com


C’est vraiment hot! J’aime ça!

Marc-Hugo Dupré, radiotrad.com