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Pleasure or competition cart for sale

Wooden cart for medium to large, cob-size pony or small horse. Previously used for combined driving competitions and pleasure driving with a 13-hand pony. Would fit 13-14.2 hand pony or small, compact horse (Fjord size) depending on build and proportions. My pony was a solidly built Appaloosa with a fairly big rump and I was competing in New England combined driving events. I am selling it because I no longer have horses.

Cart style is a modified Meadowbrook/road cart type body (no fenders, whip rail or glove box). It has always been stored indoors but could use a fresh coat of paint on body and shafts. High-quality wood wheels with steel hub and rubber tire. Seat is upholstered with black vinyl and folds down. Wheels are gloss finish in burgundy color.



  • Wood body
  • Wood wheels, steel hubs, rubber tires
  • Wheel height : 39″
  • Wheel base width : from wheel to wheel 49″, with axle 58″
  • Shaft length : 72″
  • Shaft width : at back 32″, at narrowest point in front 24″
  • Shaft height from ground when level : 35″
  • Cart body dimensions : 46″ long, 37″ wide, 23″ high (floor to seat).
  • Seat width : 37″
  • Seat back height (in upright position) : 12″
  • Distance from seat to dash : 27″
  • Weight : I am guessing about 150 lbs as I’ve never weighed it. Two adults can easily lift it into a pickup truck bed; I regularly loaded it alone by rolling up two planks into the truck.


The cart is currently stored in Sunderland, MA. Please phone Kristen Whittle at 413-222-4712 to arrange to see it. Email inquiries can be addressed to Payment accepted by credit card, PayPal, Venmo or cash on pickup.

Photos © Dana Whittle