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Reel – 2022

Excerpts including motion graphics, music videos and more. Quelques extraits pertinents – animations, vidéoclips et plus.

Cut, bend & fold

Study for a collaborative project with John Drew Munro. Artwork, John Drew Munro. Animation, music, video Dana Whittle.

Explicable – logo animation

Logo animation for video tutorial series.

The never-ending showcase

If you are a performing artist, you have to constantly prove your very existence — especially during a pandemic. Here’s how I am changing my approach to sharing creative content online.

I feel the American

An immigrant’s Fourth of July ode to homesickness.

Sur le bout du banc – seasonal intros

Summer and winter intros for a video series, featuring branding animation, custom “generators” (plugins, titles) including a subscribe button, intro titles and custom credits. Created for Final Cut in Apple Motion.

What happened when I clicked on that underwear ad

Online shopping, irresponsible consumerism, hopes, desires and expectations.

When will we be their heroes?

A poem about us.

Pas d’accent podcast

An English-language production, the title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to something I’ll never lose, regardless of how long I live here! It is a narrative format on a broad range of topics that are part of my life as a bilingual (French/English) parent, musician, designer, feminist and all-around geek. There will always be plenty of music in each episode, recorded during my travels or produced right here in rural Sainte-Béatrix, Québec.

À la chasse sur eBay

Chanson et vidéoclip sur nos habitudes de consommation. Musique et paroles Dana Whittle, chantée par Avilda Moore. Song and video about our consuming habits. Music and lyrics Dana Whittle, sung by Avilda Moore.

Design, développement du site WordPress pour le pianiste québécois François Bourassa. Thème bilingue personalisé, hybride page défilante.

Petit gros mot

Chanson et vidéoclip sur l’effet des mots qui blessent, superposée sur une turlutte composée “La Crapodine”. Avec Colin Savoie-Levac (guitares, basse).