Guichet Voisin

Pas d’accent is an English podcast from Dana Whittle. This episode features the true story that inspired a country song (recorded by Québec trad trio Zigue), from this American immigrant to Québéc, available on Apple, Google, Spotify and everywhere you listen to podcasts. Also available as an article on More info about Vizou podcasts at

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À la chasse sur eBay

Chanson et vidéoclip sur nos habitudes de consommation. Musique et paroles Dana Whittle, chantée par Avilda Moore.

Song and video about our consuming habits. Music and lyrics Dana Whittle, sung by Avilda Moore.

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Petit gros mot

Chanson et vidéoclip sur l’effet des mots qui blessent, superposée sur une turlutte composée par Dana Whittle “La Crapodine”. Avec Colin Savoie-Levac (guitares, basse).

“Nasty little word” is a song and video about the effect of hurtful language, superimposed over a “turlutte” (mouth music) by Dana Whittle “La Crapodine”. Featuring Colin Savoie-Levac (guitars, bass). A “gros mot” is a swear word; “tabarnak” is a Québécois religious swear deriving from the word “tabernacle” (I would describe it as a slightly stronger way of saying “g_ _ _dammit”).

Music = the answer
Musique = la solution

Photo Fender Strat ©2020 Dana Whittle

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I Don’t Want To Know

Quand vous ne savez pas comment ça va en finir. Musique Oli B., paroles Dana Whittle, chantée par Avilda Moore. Réalisation, Dana Whittle, Studio Vizou.

When you don’t know how it will end. Music Oli B., lyrics Dana Whittle, sung by Avilda Moore. Produced by Dana Whittle, Studio Vizou.

When I’m sixty-four

On being an aging musician during a pandemic and beyond. Story on, also available as a podcast from Pas d’accent, available everywhere.

Photo : Duo Zigue ©2018 Dana Whittle


It is recess on a warm, spring day, and my elementary-school class is outside on the playground for a welcome break. We girls are gathered together near the paved area that holds the basketball hoop. The boys dribble a basketball below the net. We are not invited or encouraged to do the same. There is a jungle gym, but we can’t climb on it because it is 1966 and we are required to wear skirts and dresses and it would be unthinkable, a bunch of girls hanging upside down, our Carters 100% cotton underpants exposed to the world. So we squat down on the edge of the playground, talking, doodling with chalk on the asphalt. Or we jump rope, a respectable, right-side-up activity. “Fudge-fudge-call-the-judge-Mama’s-got-a-newborn-baaaby”.

We like hopscotch, but what we really want to do is run up the hillside in the grass like the boys, and roll or run back down the hill screaming.

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Vilain virus

Vidéoclip animé d’une chanson composée par Claude Méthé. Illustrations Louise Méthé, réalisation (audio, vidéo, animation) Dana Whittle, Studio Vizou.

Animated video for a song by Claude Méthé. Illustrations Louise Méthé, production (audio, video, animation) Dana Whittle, Studio Vizou.

Illustration : Louise Méthé