Pas d’accent podcast

An English-language production, the title is a tongue-in-cheek reference to something I’ll never lose, regardless of how long I live here! It is a narrative format on a broad range of topics that are part of my life as a bilingual (French/English) parent, musician, designer, feminist and all-around geek. There will always be plenty of music in each episode, recorded during my travels or produced right here in rural Sainte-Béatrix, Québec.

Tradnation podcast

Tradnation est un podcast audio (en français) sur l’univers de la musique traditionnelle qui vous fera connaître, dans leurs propres mots, les artistes et leur musique, les amateurs de trad, les diffuseurs et la beauté musicale, ainsi que la bête politique. C’est une carte de visite en coulisses de notre chère nation trad!

Guichet Voisin – Adventures in banking

The true story that inspired a country song, from this American immigrant to Québéc.

When I’m 64 – On being a senior musician during a pandemic

On being an aging musician during a pandemic and beyond.An ambivalent ramble about life as a musician from someone who’s been given the sudden gift of too much time to think.

Getting there – A short history of my life on wheels

Some of my earliest memories involve riding in cars, and as the years go by, automotive vehicles have added many chapters to my life story. This episode is a chronological account of some of my most memorable adventures in transportation.

Showcasing at Folk Alliance International 2019

Artists, presenters and other folk industry players share their thoughts about showcasing.

Excusez-là! – Excerpts from an endless trip

Excerpts from an endless trip through the universe of traditional Québécois music. The 101 of Québec trad music.

Les Poules à Colin

Les Poules à Colin (maintenant “Rosier”) nous racontent leur vie trad.

Claude Méthé – partie 3

Entourloupe, lNi Sarpe Ni Branche, Dentdelion (no 2), Zigue et plus.

Claude Méthé – partie 2

Le Rêve du Diable, la musique Cajun avec Danielle Martineau et Joséphine, Manigance, Jeter le Pont et le retour au Québec.

Claude Méthé – partie 1

Ses débuts musicaux, la découverte de la musique trad et les premières années avec Le Rêve du Diable.