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I’m Dana Whittle and Vizou is the studio I founded in 1995, and where I spend every day creating.

I recently decided to simplify my old portfolio full of websites built before you were born, print projects long since used to line hamster cages, cover designs for media you can’t play on anything and clever wordsmithery for ancient mediums like direct mail.

And this is the result.

Photo : Dana Whittle, c. 1984, © C. Cardina

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In real life

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I was born in 1956, hence the (naturally) trendy hair color.

When I recently decided to give freelance job sites a go, I received a flurry of algorithmically generated rejection emails mere seconds after I (truthfully) added my date of birth and clicked Submit.

What month did I start that job back in 1979? Seriously?

This adventure inspired me to write an article about ageism, also available on my podcast.

Photo © Dana Whittle

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Musical life

As a performing artist, touring with my band is temporarily on hold (downside) and our carbon footprint has faded away (upside).

Luckily, I’ll be able to afford at least one cup of coffee (per month) with the revenue from all those platforms streaming my music.

While the world is busy ending, I’m creating stuff like podcasts that live on Apple, Spotify, etc., and music videos (for me and for artist clients) that live on YouTube.

Photo ©2006 M. Savoie-Levac

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I love words. And I like to write because my brain goes too fast when I talk, so I usually end up interrupting you (sorry!).

You can read my various writings right here or over at

Photo © Florian Klauer / Unsplash

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I create

Websites, content, stories, album covers, promotional material, logos, t-shirts and other merch, packaging, videos, audio recordings, podcasts, original art, music, lyrics.

I love to research and develop workflows for my clients. I’ve tried out literally hundreds of apps, online and off. I am a total sucker for beta testing.

Click the little barcode thingy in the upper left corner to see some work.

Hand-embroidered patch / Écusson brodé © Dana Whittle; Tradnation patch / écusson design Dana Whittle

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You know what to do.

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Always ready.

Drop me a line to discuss your project, especially if you want me to do something I haven’t done yet.

For the record, I’ve always fantasized about naming shoe styles. Imagine a distressed-leather flat called “Rowdy”, or “Faithful”, or maybe “Gonzesse”.

You get the idea.

Photo : Vintage shoes / chaussures d'époque © Dana Whittle