When I’m 64 – On being a senior musician during a pandemic

On being an aging musician during a pandemic and beyond.An ambivalent ramble about life as a musician from someone who’s been given the sudden gift of too much time to think.

Excusez-là! – Excerpts from an endless trip

Excerpts from an endless trip through the universe of traditional Québécois music. The 101 of Québec trad music.


A hard-earned lifetime’s worth of lessons on how to behave.

Old dogs, new tricks

Being ahead of – and keeping up with – the times.

WordPress-MailChimp e-news

A hybrid WordPress-MailChimp newsletter model.

Exhibitionism and male entitlement

A tale of exhibitionism, sexual harassment and male entitlement on Facebook Messenger.

The road trip

Lost and found in the 1980s.

A kiss is still a kiss

Reconciling intimacy and self-worth after sexual abuse.

Analog-to-digital conversion

A middle-aged technical love story.