The never-ending showcase

If you are a performing artist, you have to constantly prove your very existence — especially during a pandemic. Here’s how I am changing my approach to sharing creative content online.

What happened when I clicked on that underwear ad

Online shopping, irresponsible consumerism, hopes, desires and expectations.

When will we be their heroes?

A poem about us.

Guichet Voisin – Adventures in banking

The true story that inspired a country song, from this American immigrant to Québéc.

When I’m 64 – On being a senior musician during a pandemic

On being an aging musician during a pandemic and beyond.An ambivalent ramble about life as a musician from someone who’s been given the sudden gift of too much time to think.

Getting there – A short history of my life on wheels

Some of my earliest memories involve riding in cars, and as the years go by, automotive vehicles have added many chapters to my life story. This episode is a chronological account of some of my most memorable adventures in transportation.

Excusez-là! – Excerpts from an endless trip

Excerpts from an endless trip through the universe of traditional Québécois music. The 101 of Québec trad music.


A hard-earned lifetime’s worth of lessons on how to behave.

The Queen of New England

Imaginary royal roots in Colonial New England.

Old dogs, new tricks

Being ahead of – and keeping up with – the times.

Exhibitionism and male entitlement

A tale of exhibitionism, sexual harassment and male entitlement on Facebook Messenger.

A kiss is still a kiss

Reconciling intimacy and self-worth after sexual abuse.