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When will we be their heroes?

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When will we be their heroes?

When will they reminisce about us –

how fast we ran,

how we wrote the best song,

how we kicked their ass

because at least that once,

we were better?

When will we be their first inspiration,

the one they want to be

when they grow up,

the one they speak enviously of

to their friends?

When will they

make room,

invite us to join in,

to play a tune,

or choose us for their team?

When will we be the first they think of –

or the second –

for that sweet gig,

that perfect job,

that chance to get ahead?

When will they seek our approval

for their biggest plans,

and demand

that we cast our vote

on their unique biological functions?

When will “just” and “only”

stop appearing

wherever we are mentioned

(if that should happen)?

When will

the (extraordinary) value

of who we are and what we do

permanently and automatically

take its hard-earned place

in the (ordinary) dialogue

of everyman?

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