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More than just bras…

Twenty years have jogged by since we invented the world’s first sports bra and grew, seemingly overnight, to successfully meet the collective support needs of hundreds of thousands of active women. Since then, we’ve allied with the world-famous Champion® product line, and now Champion Jogbra offers some twenty-plus bras and tops and an ever-expanding collection of sports apparel. As always, we are still firmly focused on solving the support, comfort, and fashion problems of active women and our basic philosophy remains unchanged: the belief that all women have the right to comfortably pursue an active lifestyle.

You inspire us

Champion Jogbra products are driven by the needs of energetic women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Our apparel provides the field-tested fit, superior quality, and wide range of styles required for all sorts of physical pursuits, from casual workouts to Olympic competition. Our comprehensive Performance line, backed by intensive research and testing, meets the technical support requirements of active women. And our Fitness designs deliver the flattering, natural fit and comfort that your daily workouts demand. For working out – or hanging out – Champion Jogbra also offers a growing selection of great-looking, well-constructed, comfortable cover-ups.

Smart design

While necessity may be the mother of invention, it is creativity, in the form of innovative technical design, that delivers the best solution. First among Champion Jogbra’s many innovations is our proprietary Motion Control Requirement rating system (MCR). This system evaluates the amount of “bounce” involved in various activities and determines the degree of breast motion control a sports bra should provide to be supportive and comfortable. All Champion Jogbra tops and bras are designed, proportioned, and MCR-rated to provide the appropriate support for a specific breast size and level of activity (see chart). Our Moisture Management Control system employs cutting-edge fabric technology, in all the right places, to control moisture and inhibit bacterial growth, so you’ll be comfortable no matter how hard you play. This sort of smart design extends to the many styles and the always-superb fit of all our products, proving beyond a doubt that fashion and function aren’t mutually exclusive. Living proof is in our latest innovations: three new Wired-For-Action underwire sports bras and our patented Action-Comfort-Strap which offers relief from digging shoulder straps in two distinct styles. The bottom line? No matter what your size or your passion, you’ll perform in comfort and look great in the right Champion Jogbra.

Why a sports bra?

One of the most important factors affecting breast health is unavoidable – gravity. The breast has no outer layer of muscle to support it, relying completely on a system of fragile connective tissue called “Cooper’s ligaments” that are highly susceptible to irreparable damage during exercise. During any activity, wearing a bra that reduces breast motion will minimize the potential effects of gravity on your breasts – pain, sagging, tearing, stretch marks.

The story behind the fit

It was 1977, an era of equality and growth, yet active women still lacked one thing – something to keep them from bouncing around when they ran, exercised, competed. It was about this time when Hinda Miller and Lisa Lindahl, two female Vermont runners, began experimenting with possible solutions to this unique problem that continued to plague them and their sports-minded friends. The answer : two jockstraps, sewn together, worn upside-down. Comical as it may seem, this ingenious prototype, dubbed the “Jogbra,” became the founding mother of an entirely new concept– the sports bra. An instant hit with all who gave it a spin around the block, its inventors suddenly found themselves the proprietors– and leaders– of a new industry. Today, it is an icon of the female baby-boomer generation and rests in the permanent collections of both the Smithsonian Institute and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in recognition of its historical importance and intelligent design. The rest, as they say, is history.

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash.