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Slogans, taglines and names

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Kiss. Butt.

The art of electronic trapping. T-shirt promotion, Tripp Company, Massachusetts.

Aural fixation

Print advertising campaign, 104.7 WNCS-FM radio, Montpelier, Vermont.

All we care about is having fun.

Slogan and ad headline for a kids’ summer tennis camp, The Bridges, Sugarbush, VT.

On s’y amuse du haut en bas

Campagne de promotion, station du ski Val Saint-Côme, Québec. Promotional slogan for Québec ski area “We have fun from top to bottom”.

Serious leisure

Promotional materials for ski area travel agency. Sugarbush Vacations, Vermont.

Global heartwarming

“Buzzword” concept for not-for-profit global fundraising campaign.

Soundmind Audio

Company name for a Vermont mail order CD company.


Name for a Québec-based handmade hat company. Label attached to a teabag (“thé” in French)

The color of summer

T-shirt promotion, New Hampshire tourism.

Reach your peak

T-shirt travel promotion, Killington, VT, American Express Company.

Eat at Bertucci’s and get a little tomato on your shirt.

Headline on a direct mailer offering diners a free t-shirt with a purchase; the shirt featured a graphic of a tiny tomato on the front pocket.

Make a little history yourself

Bucks County, Pennsylvania tourism campaign, American Express Company.

Take it to heart

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania tourism campaign, American Express Company.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash