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Beth Cahill – Songs for Sarah

Design process, album packaging for singer-songwriter Beth Cahill.

The Queen of New England

Imaginary royal roots in Colonial New England.

Old dogs, new tricks

Being ahead of – and keeping up with – the times.

WordPress-MailChimp e-news

A hybrid WordPress-MailChimp newsletter model.

Exhibitionism and male entitlement

A tale of exhibitionism, sexual harassment and male entitlement on Facebook Messenger.

The road trip

Lost and found in the 1980s.

A kiss is still a kiss

Reconciling intimacy and self-worth after sexual abuse.

Charlie Sohmer – Dying To Have A Good Time

Album packaging and design process.

Les Ramancheurs

Pochette de disque pour Québec duo Les Ramancheurs. Illustration Photoshop fait à partir des photos stock et originales.  

Folquébec – Par un dimanche au soir

Matériel promotionnel pour la vitrine Spotlight Québec en Écosse. Promo material for Spotlight Québec showcase in Scotland.

Local 1000

New logo and online graphics for folk local of the American Federation of Musicians.

Steven Leibman – I Know They’re There

CD and vinyl cover design. Design de CD et d’album vinyle.