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Zigue – Musique du coeur

Album cover design. Design de pochette.

Tradnation – branding

Logo pour TradMédia et produits associés.

Analog-to-digital conversion

A middle-aged technical love story.

La Foulée

Design de logo pour troupe de danse traditionnelle. Logo design for a traditional dance troop. Les étapes de design. Design process.  


Food copy for a New York Times full-page ad.

Joan’s Brownies

Excerpts from a mail-order catalog for gourmet brownies featuring “mood” stories.

The Echo Hunters – Cabin Fever

Album packaging and promo. Design de pochette et matériel promotionnel.

Champion Jog Bras

From a consumer brochure for a national manufacturer of women’s sports undergarments

Penny Lang – Gather Honey

Album packaging. Design de pochette.

California restaurant group

Direct mail promotion for a group of California restaurants.

French kiss

A Northern poem about love’s beginning.

Fish tale

Promotional copy for a Boston restaurant. Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash.